Frequently Asked Questions
Here's the answers to some of the most asked questions:

Q. Is this a scam, does it really work?

A. is a genuine service, We can assure you that this is in no way a scam. The service is currently FREE! so you got absolutely nothing to lose! Give it a try by following the instructons and you'll find for yourself! if you still sceptical about it, dont hesitate to contact us using the contact form.

Q. I joinned but still didn't get any Subscribers/Followers/Friends ?

A. One common mistake our users tend to do is waiting for results Without following our instructions! We Can GUARANTEE that EVERY member will get more than 600 Subscribers but ONLY If EVERYONE follows our strict instructions! So if we say invite 5 people Then You should make sure 5 people have joinned using Your invite link!

Q. What should I do to get +600 Subscribers Followers or Friends for FREE?

A. As simple as this: (Providing someone sent you an invite link) You need to follow the instructions, WITHOUT SKIPPING any of the 3 steps. You'll be asked to either Subscriber, Follow or Friend 1 user (just 1 how cool is that!) which is a required step, (because you won't get any result if you don't!) then submit your informations and get your own invite link and share it with 5 people! That's it!

Q. So What's gonna happen once I'm done?

A. Providing you stick to our instructions, you will notice the number of your Subscribers Followers or Friends increasing dramatically! Keep in mind that it may take sometime before you notice any changes, but rest assured, if you did everything right you'll receive your +600 Subscribers Followers or Friends, no matter how long you waited which is in most cases less than a month time.

Q. How do I get +600 Subscribers Followers or Friends by only Subscribing, Following or Adding 1 ?

A. This is the magic behind! Unfortunately we can't reveal this in public, but feel free to contact us and we'll tell you how!

Q. Can I get more than 600 Subscribers/Followers/Friends?

Short Answer: Yes!

Long Answer: Technically our tools can send you UP TO 10000 (yes Ten Thousand) Subscribers, Followers or Friends but you'll need to send your invite link (the link we generated for you) to at least 10 users instead of 5 users from the service you're seeking Subscribers/Followers/Friends from (Youtube,Twitter,Facebook...)

Q. So I Can Get UP TO 10000 Subscribers/Followers/Friends for FREE?

A. Well, Currently Yes! But soon we'll limit the number for free members to 600! But you will still be able to get more if you chose to use our future paid service.

Q. How can I convince people to use my invite link?

A. Not so hard if you let them know that with your invite link they can join our website and also get +600 Subscribers, Followers or Friends for FREE! Because this is an invite only service, Without your invite link they won't be able to join. The only way they could join is by BUYING an invite link from us!

Q. Do you have more free services?

A. Currently we host 4 free services that will help you connect with more people on the following websites: Youtube (Free 600 Subscribers), Twitter (Free 600 Followers), Facebook (Free 600 Fans/Friends), Myspace (Free 600 Friends)

Q. After joining 5is5, will I recieve any spam?

A. No definatly not. 5 is operate a strict no-spam policy! We hate spam just like you do! Unlike other similar services, we don't sell your email adresses to spammers nor share them with third party websites. Also WILL NEVER ask about your Youtube, Twitter or Facebook login details, So stay assured we won't be able to spam your profiles even if we want to!

Q. Can I link to this website?

A. Yes! Feel free to link to ! Here's how:

Copy the following code and paste it where you want the link to appear on your website or blog

Contact us If you still have another question.

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